Saturday, 18 April 2009

Spring - Summer 1 09 (click on pic to enlarge)

1 Knitwear is back (nothing like your granny's)

Knitted outerwear (Ref:10403)
Price: RM39
Size: Absolutely FREE Size ( S - L)
Material: Stretchable (handwash recommended)
Colours: Blue (actual colour), Pink (Sold) & Gray (Sold)

Colour: Pink (colour not as red as picture shown)

Colour: Gray

2 Lets go for a walk - SOLD OUT

Long casual singlet with side pockets on left & right (Ref: 10404)
Price: RM35
Inner black/white top included
Length: 34inches
Pit-to-Pit: 18inches (lay flat)
Colour Sold: Gray (sold) Milky Pink (sold) & Black (sold)
Material: Cotton (stretchable)

3 Modern Outerwear - SOLD OUT

Knit Long Vest with "shredded" collar (Ref: 10405)
Price: RM40
Inner top included
# Blue (Sold)
# Black (Sold)
Size: FREE Size ( S - L)
Material: Knit (stretchable; handwash recommended)

4 Hoodie with a smile

Hoodie (Ref: 10406)
Price: RM30
Size: FREE Size ( XS - S)
Material: Cotton (Stretchable)
Colour: Black (Sold), White & Blue

5 Share your pocket with your other one
Hoodie with pocket (Ref: 10407)
Price: RM30
Size: FREE Size (XS - M)
Material: Cotton (stretchable)
Colour: Brown (Sold) & Black

6 For casual Friday - Sold Out

Cotton long top with collar (Ref:10402)
Belt included
Price: RM35
Size: S / M (Length: 30 inches; Bust: 32 - 34 inches; Waist: 25 - 29 inches)
Material: Cotton (non-stretch)
Colours: Green (Sold) & Red (sold)

Short sleeve

Take out the belt if you had too much to eat : )
Also great as early maternity clothes (without belt)

Mini pocket

7 Mini Tanks For the Mini You(s) - SOLD OUT

Mini Tank Top (Ref No: 10401)
Price: RM20
Size: XS / S (Length: 25 inches)
Material: Cotton (stretchable)
Colours: Purple (Sold), White (Sold), Brown (Sold) & Blue (Sold) (actual colour as shown in pic)

Colour: Purple (funky words)

Colour: Blue (cute dinasours)

Colour: Brown (zoo)

Colour: White (pets)

Finishing on sleeves

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